White & Blue Marlin Fishing Trips

Few fishing experiences are as sought-after as marlin fishing. These fast, strong and gigantic fish have captured the imaginations of authors and movie-makers and, of course, thousands of fishermen. Many expert anglers contend that marlin fishing is the truest test of a fisherman’s skill, technique and strength. It takes an experienced angler to bring in a marlin and, once you do, you will have a trophy, a story and a picture that no one will be able to top.

Marlin are similar to sailfish in their shape and coloring, however their dorsal fin is much less prominent and not in the sail-like shape that makes the sailfish so recognizable. The marlin does display very similar speed, agility and power as the sailfish, making a battle to reel in a marlin a truly memorable one. The marlin, like the sailfish, is also highly recognizable – you’ll see the marlin on boats, harbors, fishing crests and more. Reaching speeds of as much as 60 mph, the marlin is a symbol of speed and power that, once you bring one in, you can hang on your wall.

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