What to Know About Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods on a Charter in Alabama

If you’re a seasoned angler, then you most likely view a fishing rod as an extension of your own arm, helping you score that big catch of the day. However, for our fishing beginners that are still in the process of familiarizing themselves with a rod, here are a few terms to know.


The length of the rod plays a role in the distance you are fishing from. A shorter rod is better utilized during close encounters, especially for anglers who may be battling their fish. Longer rods are more fitting for those who are bass fishing; it’s easier to cover water faster and set baits from afar.


Fishing Rods on a Charter in AlabamaPower, in fishing terms, means how much it takes for you to actually bend a rod. Ironically, a rod with more power bends easier and vice versa. Follow this simple rule: the smaller the fish, the less power you need. And keep “action” in mind, too—or the point at which the rod actually bends. Similar rules apply there as well.


This last bit is more personal: it’s how you are holding the fishing rod and finding the right grip on it to achieve the most success. While out on the open water, you will have to depend on this object to get you that big catch, so make sure you grip it right and hold on tight for when the fish start biting!

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