Snapper Fishing

While the red snapper may be the most popular of the snappers and the most sought-after, their popularity has also instigated strict fishing quotas and heavy regulation. Similar fish, like the vermilion, white and mangrove snapper are also popular fish for eating and also for recreational fishing. These fish are also not regulated, so they are great fish for catching and taking home. Come aboard The Triple-Trouble with your guide, Capt. Chad Reyer, and try your hand at catching vermilion and white and mangrove snapper in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Many of these so-called snappers are not actually snapper fish at all, but they are very similar in appearance, size, behavior, taste and habitats. With a similar reddish-pink color and a comparable shape, the vermilion snapper is the closest in appearance to the red snapper. Vermilion snappers are much smaller, however, usually growing up to 6 or 7 pounds, while red snapper can weight 35 pounds or more.

The mangrove snapper, also called the gray or black snapper, is also smaller, with a similar shape and a namesake darker appearance. The white snapper – which is actually a porgie – is also popular because of its similar shape and its great taste.

If you’re looking to chase these elusive fish, call Capt. Char Reyer today and book a chartered fishing trip in Orange Beach, Alabama with The Triple-Trouble. Plan your vermilion, white or mangrove snapper fishing charter today by calling 256-431-5767.