Trolling Versus Bottom Fishing

When it comes to catching fish in the Gulf, there are two main methods that we use to find and bring great fish aboard – trolling and bottom fishing. Different species of fish have different habits, so each method has its advantages and types of fish that are more commonly reeled in. Let’s take a look at these two distinct styles and what guests can expect to come over the rail when using each method.

Trolling FishingTrolling 

In trolling, lines are baited and cast from a moving boat. As the lines soak and drift along behind the vessel, they appear to be a more mobile prey to fish, seeming to them to be a potential food source to be stalked and caught. This style also offers guests or families an option to keep moving throughout the day, catching more of a breeze as the boat travels along. Some of the biggest catches from trolling Gulf waters include sailfish, marlin, dorado, mahi mahi and tuna, while inland fisheries can often bring Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, Jack Crevalle and redfish to fishing hooks.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is a simple method, however, for those who are inexperienced. Those headed out on one of their first trips in search of a prized fish will see that getting the feel for the bite is challenging. We use circle hooks when bottom fishing so we don’t damage the fish’s mouth. These hooks are designed to catch the fish in the jaw. The trick is when you feel the bite, just reel. The fish will then set the hook for you. If you jerk the rod upward you will pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth. When bottom fishing, lines are dropped from a stationary vessel with enough weight for the baited hooks to lie close to the bottom, providing an attractive option to low-schooling fish. With our experience, we know the right spots to take our guests to get plenty of nibbles and exciting fishing for grey triggerfish, beeliners, grouper, amberjack and snapper for our guests in the Gulf.

Whether you’re a fishing novice or a seasoned pro, a trip on The Triple-Trouble is sure to provide an exciting time on the water. For more information on booking your trip, call Capt. Chad at 256-431-5767 or email him today.