Triggerfish Charter

When fishing for red snapper, triggerfish are one of the most common accompanying fish you will see. Known as notorious bait stealers, you may catch triggerfish while seeking other fish, although triggerfish are themselves also a popular fish for eating. The Triple-Trouble offers triggerfish fishing and charters in Orange Beach, Alabama for anglers looking for this unique and interesting fish.

Triggerfish are immediately recognized by their strange shape. This fish has a large body and a deep belly, with a narrowed, tapered face and eyes set back on its head. Though it has a small, seemingly harmless mouth, this fish is used to snapping shells with its mouth and it can administer a nasty bite if you’re not careful. The triggerfish’s fins can also be dangerous, as this fish usually uses its fins to lodge itself into rocks and tight places in reefs. It is called the triggerfish because the spines can be lowered – or “triggered” – by pressing on the second dorsal fin. Despite these defenses and a hard, leathery skin that surrounds them, the flesh underneath is tender and preferred in many recipes.

Catch this odd-looking and tasty fish on a triggerfish charter in Orange Beach, Alabama aboard The Triple-Trouble with Capt. Chad Reyer. Call 256-431-5767 today for more information on booking your triggerfish fishing charter.