The Basics of Fishing Etiquette

Fishing Charter in Alabama

We think we can all agree that we love fishing. Getting out on the open water, scoring that big catch of the day and building camaraderie among fellow anglers sounds like a day well spent!

But sometimes, we can forget basic fishing etiquette when reeling in the latest catch.

Here are a few quick tips to be successful and respectful out on the water!

Fishing is like camping

And what we mean by that is: leave no trace.

The rule that every camper or hiker knows also applies out at sea, and that is, take any personal belongings or waste with you. The water is not a dumping ground, or a place to litter—and breaking that rule will see you lose serious respect points amongst anglers. Just saying!

Fishing Charter in AlabamaRespect your fellow anglers’ space

Whether there’s another boat close by, or you have multiple anglers aboard, you want to be sure you’re giving yourself and your fellow anglers enough space. You don’t want lines to cross because when you go in for that big catch, you’ll end up tangled with no fish to reel in.

Be mindful of your wake

We cannot forget that we’re usually not the only people out on the water that day. The water is a shared space, where other anglers, boaters, swimmers, and kayakers all come to enjoy the same tranquility that you do.

So, when approaching other parties, slow your roll—your wake can disrupt activities, and be potentially dangerous. Caution is always the best option.

With these three tips in mind, you’re ready to hit the water. Call Capt. Chad at 256-431-5767 and start planning your fishing charter trip today!