Sailfish Fishing Charters

Everyone recognizes this iconic beauty. The sailfish is perhaps one of the best known and most widely recognized fish in the Gulf. Everyone also wants to bring in a sailfish! There is no fishing trophy that compares to a mounted sailfish on your wall and no experience quite like landing a beautiful sailfish. With an experienced captain to guide you to the most plentiful waters, you can hook this amazing fish during your own sailfish fishing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama aboard The Triple-Trouble.

The sailfish is best known by its large, namesake dorsal fin. It also is recognized by its long bill, similar to the swordfish. The sailfish is one of the most popular sport fish because of its very large size, iconic appearance and its beauty. The sailfish may reach a weight of up to 200 pounds and a length of 10 feet, making them one of the largest sport fish in the Gulf. This fish is also an incredible fighter and will not come in easily by any means. The sailfish has also been known to reach speeds as fast as 68 mph, making it one of the fastest sea creatures alive – and an all the more elusive prey!

Schedule your sailfish fishing charter with Capt. Chad Reyer and The Triple-Trouble in Orange Beach, Alabama today and hook one of the most legendary sport fish in the ocean. Plan your trip now by calling 256-431-5767.