Redfish Fishing Charters

Redfish, also known as red drum, are a long, reddish- or pinkish-colored fish with a black spot on the tail. Young redfish can be as small as 2 pounds, but the older, more competitive adults can grow to be as big as 30 pounds, with a few record-breakers recorded at 40 pounds or more. Find your redfish trophy by planning a chartered fishing trip with The Triple-Trouble in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Adult redfish are known for the incredible fight that they put up once they are hooked. Hook a large redfish and you will not only have a great picture and a huge trophy, but you will also have a great story.

Redfish will often cluster closer to the shoreline looking for shrimp and crabs. Finding a large cluster of redfish provides the best chance to bring in a giant. Redfish are a competitive species and, once a large number of the fish are found on your fishing charter, hooking a fish is not a problem, but bringing it in is another story. Redfish bulls are not only heavy, but also strong and energetic. This fish may tire you out before the end, but holding up a 30-pound bull and telling your friends about your fight with this monster is a great reward.

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