King Mackerel Fishing Charters

The king mackerel is aptly named as it is the largest of the mackerel species. Besides their large size, king mackerel are also among the most popular game fish in the Gulf. You can find king mackerel offshore in deep waters hiding among ship wrecks, rigs, rocks and other structures. If you want to chase after the attractive king mackerel, book a fishing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama aboard The Triple-Trouble and chase after these very popular and iconic fish.

The king mackerel is easily recognizable by its appearance. Colored a deep olive green on its back with whitish, iridescent sides and a white belly, the king mackerel is most easily recognized by its long shape and long, forked tail. King mackerel commonly grow to a size of about 30 pounds, and some of the largest king mackerel ever caught have tipped the scales at as much as 90 pounds. Reeling in this big fish and battling it through the warm Gulf waters is a thrill and bringing it onto the boat is even more so. Watch out for the king mackerel’s sharp teeth, though, and let Capt. Chad Reyer help you bring your king mackerel catch safely aboard.

Bring in a true trophy catch from the Gulf when you schedule a king mackerel fishing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama with The Triple-Trouble. Learn more or book your excursion today by calling 256-431-5767.