Inshore Fish Species

When you’re fishing in-shore, you’ll encounter some of the best fish for eating in the gulf. The waters off the Alabama coast are chock full and we’ll show you the spots where we haul in the biggest catches.

Spanish Mackerel are a beautiful species which swim the waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico in the spring and return to South Florida shores in the Eastern Gulf come fall. A silvery fish found the shallower sandy bottoms at 10-40 feet, they are identified by the rows of elliptical yellow dots on their flanks and their green backs. Prized by sushi lovers for its flavor, this fish is great eating and the filets are flakey and white. The best methods for catching them are trolling or bottom fishing.

Redfish is a term that can refer to several species around the world, but in the Gulf, we use this term to talk about Red Drum. A game fish found in the Gulf, they are goldish color on top, white on their bellies with a round black dot usually found close to their tail fin. These fish have a mild flavor and are not oily, which makes them popular in Cajun cooking and blackened redfish is a common menu item in the Gulf States.