How to Read the Tides When Fishing

Fishing Tides

Any angler knows how to properly prepare for a day out on the water. But far too often, fishermen fail to consider the tides, which play a vital role in the success of your fishing trip.

Here’s how you can read the tides and make the current work for you!

Fishing TidesUnderstand how the tides work

Before you can use the tides to your advantage, you should take some time to learn how tides work.

Fishing tides take place when water moves vertically as a result of the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. When this gravitational pull is at its strongest, high tide takes place, and when it’s at its lowest, low tide occurs.

You can usually tell which tide it is based on how deep the water is at any given moment.

Learn how the tides will affect your fishing

During both high and low tides, water moves and causes currents in the water to form. Fish are, therefore, more likely to be moving around, looking for food.

So, when you’re fishing, it’s a good idea to use these currents to your advantage. Fish will rarely swim against the current so keep that in mind when you’re casting your line.

Find the best fishing times based on the tides

The best time to fish is typically when the tide is coming in towards the shore. This type of tide will bring baitfish, crabs, and more in with it and attract the fish that feed on them.

You should check out a daily tide chart for your specific area to see if you can pinpoint the best times for you to fish!

It can be a lot of work to keep track of the tides and changing current, so why not find a team to do the work for you?

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