Gone Fishing: Relieving Stress Out on the Water

Ask any avid fisherman, and they’ll hand you a lengthy list of reasons why fishing is their own personal form of therapy. It’s a calming way to spend the day, out on the lake or dock, with just you and the water. But ever wonder why fishing can be so therapeutic? Well, as it turns out, there are proven physical and mental benefits to fishing!

It’s a mental getaway, as much as it is a physical getaway

This one will only appear obvious when you’re out on the boat, and only hear the sounds of the water around you—fishing is an escape from our increasingly busy lives. As work becomes more and more intrusive, fishing is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle—or, at least, your boss. Cherish the solitude!

Man Fishing Off a CharterLess screen time

We can all agree that screens are becoming a major part of our lives—the average American spends 10 hours a day looking at a screen, be it our phones, computers, or TVs. Imagine that! Well, on the water, the only screens you should be looking at are the fish finder or GPS.

Spend quality time with your family or buddies

It happens before we even take notice: work and errands slowly consuming our daily lives. This means less time with your family and even less time with your friends. When we’re so busy with life, we don’t leave time for one of its greatest pleasures: spending time with our loved ones. But on the water, fishing is a bonding experience like no other.

Are your stress levels begging you to go fishing? Come aboard the Triple Trouble and escape for the day on the Gulf waters off the coast of Alabama! Give us a call at 256-431-5767 today to learn more about pricing and charter availability!