Fall and Winter Fishing: What’s Hot for Orange Beach Fishing Charters?

Red Snapper

Millions of anglers take to the waters each summer in Alabama, whether to stock the freezer or just for the fun of fishing. Despite the popularity of summer fishing, fall is also a great time to get out on the water around Orange Beach. Planning a year-end fishing trip? Here’s what you can expect to be hot for your autumn charter.

The fall fishing season around Orange Beach runs from late September through early December. The cooler weather in Alabama doesn’t mean cold fishing, though. In fact, many fish species are actively feeding during the fall.

Red SnapperFor offshore fishing, the fall months offer up great opportunities to chase after tuna, blue marlin and white marlin. These fish and many others, including snapper species, trigger fish and amberjack, can be commonly caught in these late months of the year, notes Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism.

Inshore fishing during the fall offers ample opportunity as well. Redfish and spotted seatrout are both active during the cooler fall months. The hottest times for bluefish, Crevalle jack, and seatrout species ends in November, though red drum and flounder can be commonly caught in shallow coastal waters throughout the season.

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