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Orange Beach – A History of Chartered Fishing

The historic area of Southern Baldwin County is the beautiful location where you will find Orange Beach. This area on Alabama’s Gulf Coast was originally settled in the mid-1860s, and the portion of the land that is known today as Orange Beach has continued to grow through tourism as visitors have become drawn to the… Read more »

Great Bait Makes Great Fishing

Whether you’re a fishing novice and looking to hook a fish for the first time or you’re a practiced fisher, you likely know the importance of using bait to attract a fish to your line. What works for freshwater doesn’t always work for saltwater, just as what may work for catching a particular species in… Read more »

Five Tasty Saltwater Fish to Catch on Your Trip

The ocean is home to a wide variety of bright, lively and delicious fish species. On any given charter, guests can come across any number of sport and trophy fish, as well as great-tasting seafood. Here is a look at the top five fish species you might catch on your trip in our fishing area,… Read more »