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What to Know About Grouper Fish and How to Score the Big Catch

Grouper Fish in Alabama

On the prowl for some grouper? This fish lives in deep waters and is typically difficult to catch. However, with the proper info and a few angler tips, you’ll be able to score your big catch with ease! What do they look like? Grouper fish are gray, and they usually have brownish patterns on their… Read more »

King Mackerel vs. Spanish Mackerel

Mackerel Fishing in Alabama

There are certain characteristics of the mackerel species that make it difficult to tell the difference between the Spanish mackerel and juvenile kings. However, it’s this difference that is very important to anglers aiming for a specific catch. Read on for a few identifiers to help you on your next mackerel fishing trip! Spanish Mackerel… Read more »

Science Explains the Swordfish’s Speed

Scientists have recently discovered that a gland at the base of a swordfish’s bill may in fact help the fish swim faster. According to Seeker, scientists have discovered that an oversized gland situated in the weak spot at the base of the fish’s bill actually seems to be a trait designed to help improve the… Read more »

Cobia are Coming! April is Cobia Season

Late March and early April mark the start of the fishing season for cobia in the Gulf. Also known as the lemonfish, the migration into the Gulf waters is an event that many fishermen get excited for year after year. Since cobia grow rapidly and can weigh more than 100 pounds, they are a prize… Read more »

Trolling Versus Bottom Fishing

When it comes to catching fish in the Gulf, there are two main methods that we use to find and bring great fish aboard – trolling and bottom fishing. Different species of fish have different habits, so each method has its advantages and types of fish that are more commonly reeled in. Let’s take a… Read more »

Five Tasty Saltwater Fish to Catch on Your Trip

The ocean is home to a wide variety of bright, lively and delicious fish species. On any given charter, guests can come across any number of sport and trophy fish, as well as great-tasting seafood. Here is a look at the top five fish species you might catch on your trip in our fishing area,… Read more »