Bottom Fishing

lady holding a red snapperWhen your dream catch is Grouper or Snapper, you’ll likely want to go on a bottom-fishing excursion with a crew of knowledgeable and fun guides. Bottom fishing is also a great way to learn when you’re a beginner at salt water fishing, or if you’re looking to catch your dinner while you cruise and party on board the boat.

The Gulf of Mexico is bountiful with reef fish like Gray Trigger fish, Beeliners, Snapper and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know about bottom fishing with Captain Chad on the Triple-Trouble, and by the time we dock, you’ll know the different rig types that you will use for the fish you’re looking to catch. Let us lead you to the spots where these low schooling fish are plentiful, and fill your cooler with enough fresh seafood to last you for months at home. The experience on board is like none other, thanks to the amenities of the vessel and the expert crew. Have a good time, let your bait do the work, and when you reel in your catch, take a picture, because this is the trip you’ll be telling your grandkids about.

Contact Captain Chad for trip info and scheduling.