Catch the Thrills of Deep Sea Fishing

There are few things that are both as exciting and relaxing as deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you’ve never been fishing in this region before, or you’ve never even gone deep sea fishing at all, you’re in for a treat. The next time you’re planning a trip, keep deep sea fishing… Read more »

Plan Your Spring Break Fishing Getaway

With the holidays over, students and families across America have headed back to work or back to school for spring semester. However, with the spring semester comes spring break, which means many people are starting their planning now to escape from their routines and get away for a while. If you are in college and… Read more »

What to Look for When Selecting a Charter

When it comes to nearly any large purchase or investment, you shop around for the best product at the best price. The same is true of planning a chartered fishing trip. With a fishing charter, you want to find an experienced and professional vessel with knowledge of the fish and sea. Here’s a look at… Read more »

More Time, More Fishing

Thinking about booking a fishing charter in the coming weeks? It’s a good season for lots of different fish, and The Triple Trouble has the perfect charter for you, no matter what you’re looking to catch. The fall season is typically when people fish for redfish, sailfish, flounder, grouper, beeliners, mahi and white marlin – it… Read more »

Trolling Versus Bottom Fishing

When it comes to catching fish in the Gulf, there are two main methods that we use to find and bring great fish aboard – trolling and bottom fishing. Different species of fish have different habits, so each method has its advantages and types of fish that are more commonly reeled in. Let’s take a… Read more »

Great Bait Makes Great Fishing

Whether you’re a fishing novice and looking to hook a fish for the first time or you’re a practiced fisher, you likely know the importance of using bait to attract a fish to your line. What works for freshwater doesn’t always work for saltwater, just as what may work for catching a particular species in… Read more »

Five Tasty Saltwater Fish to Catch on Your Trip

The ocean is home to a wide variety of bright, lively and delicious fish species. On any given charter, guests can come across any number of sport and trophy fish, as well as great-tasting seafood. Here is a look at the top five fish species you might catch on your trip in our fishing area,… Read more »

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