Summer May be Ending, but Not Fishing Season!

Summer is nearing an end as children head back to school and Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. Here in southern Alabama, though, the time to fish never truly comes to an end. With August nearing its close, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your first fall getaway. At The… Read more »

Science Explains the Swordfish’s Speed

Scientists have recently discovered that a gland at the base of a swordfish’s bill may in fact help the fish swim faster. According to Seeker, scientists have discovered that an oversized gland situated in the weak spot at the base of the fish’s bill actually seems to be a trait designed to help improve the… Read more »

Federal Coastal Red Snapper Season is Under Way!

Red snapper are one of the Gulf of Mexico’s signature fish, and are extremely popular among recreational fishermen, not to mention much sought-after in restaurants and seafood markets. Red snapper can grow to about 40 inches, weigh up to 50 pounds and live more than 50 years, says Ocean Conservancy, so it’s no surprise that… Read more »

Cooking Your Catch: Great Ways to Eat Cobia

The spring fishing season in Orange Beach, Alabama means the much anticipated migration of the cobia – a highly prized fish that can weigh more than 100 pounds. When you book an excursion with The Triple Trouble, your deep sea fishing experience may lead you to catching one of these coveted fish. After a beautiful… Read more »

Fighting Sea Sickness When Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is an amazing experience for both the novice and rookie fisherman – that is, unless you’re prone to sea sickness. Deep sea fishing requires traveling to deep offshore waters – generally at least 30 meters deep – where anglers have an opportunity to reel in big game like grouper, mahi mahi, snapper,… Read more »

See Peak Sportfishing at the 2016 Blue Marlin Grand Championship

The Blue Marlin Grand Championship is one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the Southeast. It takes place July 12-17 in 2016, and features anglers from all over setting sail to in the hopes of reeling in the biggest fish the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. With it going on, it would be a… Read more »

Three Reasons to Plan a Spring Break Deep Sea Fishing Charter

By the time spring break rolls around, you are more than ready to take a much-needed – and much-deserved – vacation. One of the best ways to bring your family together during this time is to plan a trip full of adventure, relaxation and luxury with a little something for everyone. Reserve a deep sea… Read more »

Cobia are Coming! April is Cobia Season

Late March and early April mark the start of the fishing season for cobia in the Gulf. Also known as the lemonfish, the migration into the Gulf waters is an event that many fishermen get excited for year after year. Since cobia grow rapidly and can weigh more than 100 pounds, they are a prize… Read more »

Orange Beach – A History of Chartered Fishing

The historic area of Southern Baldwin County is the beautiful location where you will find Orange Beach. This area on Alabama’s Gulf Coast was originally settled in the mid-1860s, and the portion of the land that is known today as Orange Beach has continued to grow through tourism as visitors have become drawn to the… Read more »