How Weather Affects Your Fishing

Fishing in a Storm

In the same way weather determines our activities for the day, weather patterns also affect fishing conditions. Sunny, warm days and afternoons full of light rain each bring different fish to the surface while driving others deeper underwater. Better keep your eye on the sky; here’s how weather affects your fishing! Drizzles vs. downpours Light… Read more »

The Basics of Fishing Etiquette

Fishing Charter in Alabama

We think we can all agree that we love fishing. Getting out on the open water, scoring that big catch of the day and building camaraderie among fellow anglers sounds like a day well spent! But sometimes, we can forget basic fishing etiquette when reeling in the latest catch. Here are a few quick tips… Read more »

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Expert Fisherman

Fishing Gift Ideas

Shopping for a Christmas gift for an expert fisherman (or fisher-woman) in your life? You’ve come to the right place! We put together a list of some great gift ideas for the avid angler in your life! Brighten the holiday with an inflatable solar light Many fishermen spend long days (and nights) out on the… Read more »

What to Wear for Your Fishing Charter Trip

Fishing Charter in Alabama

So, you’ve got your charter trip booked and you’re all ready to go. Well, almost ready. You’re probably wondering: what do I wear? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dressing for your charter! Dress for comfort You’ll be active out there on the water, scouring and… Read more »

Trolling Tips for Your Next Fishing Charter Trip

Fishing Charter Trip in Alabama

If you’ve been dreaming about scoring that big catch, then trolling is the best way to make that dream a reality. It’s a different fishing technique learned by beginners and practiced by expert anglers to catch big game fish. Here are a few tips that will have you trolling like a pro out on the… Read more »

What to Know About Grouper Fish and How to Score the Big Catch

Grouper Fish in Alabama

On the prowl for some grouper? This fish lives in deep waters and is typically difficult to catch. However, with the proper info and a few angler tips, you’ll be able to score your big catch with ease! What do they look like? Grouper fish are gray, and they usually have brownish patterns on their… Read more »

Fishing Charter Safety Tips

Fishing Charters

Before you venture out onto the waters for your guided fishing charter trip, a few tips are worth noting, for you and the crew to have a fun, safe time! Follow instructions This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it isn’t paid attention to. Simply put: listen! Make sure you and… Read more »

Does the Color of Your Fishing Line Matter?

How Fish See Colored Fishing Line

While the color of a fishing line may seem trivial at first glance, it’s a significant factor that needs to be considered before hitting the open water! Clear line When you need a trusted fishing line, clear line is your answer. This color line is practically invisible underwater, proving easy to stay under the radar… Read more »

Fishing Charter Tips: Successfully Fighting and Landing Your Catch

Tips to Help you when Battling a Fish

So, you’ve got your rod, you’ve got your hook, you’ve got your bait, you’re out on the water, and, oh, wait, you’ve got a bite! But you’re not just reeling in your catch at your leisure—the fish will fight back, and you must be prepared for when he does. Successfully fighting and landing your fish… Read more »