Black & Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters

All across the world, tuna is a seafood favorite. Their rich flavor can be found in recipes of all kinds, from sushi to sandwiches and everything in between. The Gulf boasts some of the largest and tastiest tuna in the ocean, including black and yellowfin tuna. With little restrictions on weight or number, you can schedule a black or yellowfin tuna fishing charter with The Triple-Trouble in Orange Beach, Alabama and catch some of these tender and delicious fish for yourself.

Yellowfin tuna are one of the best delicacies in the Gulf. Known best for their tender, fresh flavor, yellowfin tuna are also a large fish that will put up a fight. Yellowfin tuna are commonly between 20 and 40 pounds, with large adults coming in between 60 to 70 pounds and record-breakers as large as a whopping 150 pounds.

Blackfin tuna are smaller by comparison and, as their name implies, do not exhibit the same bright yellow fins, though they are otherwise similar in shape and coloring. Blackfin tuna are generally between 15 and 20 pounds, with larger catches reaching as much as 30 pounds.

Schedule your blackfin and yellowfin tuna fishing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama with Capt. Chad Reyer and The Triple-Trouble and catch a collection of these delightful fish. Bring your friends, family members or colleagues along on your trip to organize a fun and memorable event. Call us at 256-431-5767 to plan your blackfin or yellowfin tuna fishing excursion today!